Funny how
Can bring about
The want to understand
That most likely
There isn’t much
To life as such

And this plague
I call solitude
Might soon just be
All that’s left of me
In this fortress
Of my distress
And me




It’s not
Your fault

It’s the situation
Life presents
That becomes
Such a frustration

You drift
From the ones
That lift
Your spirits
To find the darkness
That has infected
Your very existence

Not long until
You’re standing still
Alone and scared
By what could’ve been


Risky Whisky

Love is a risky game
That you cannot blame
For it can make you blissful
Or render you miserable

And I suppose
In a way
It’s a choice you make
To be devoured whole
Body and soul

Love is risky
Like whisky
That will burn
Before you learn
That all good things
Come with a price