Risky Whisky

Love is a risky game That you cannot blame For it can make you blissful Or render you miserable And I suppose In a way It’s a choice you make To be devoured whole Body and soul Love is risky Like whisky That will burn Before you learn That all good things Come with a […]

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Paper Skin

Another day To lust it all away A clock on the wall Ticking in anticipation To release it all A brand-new day Give it another try Be optimistic And pick up the knife Lose all composure And let the urge Take over The cravings had begun The deed had to be done -Rhea.t.V

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It’s a sad day And the sky is grey A kind of sadness That mothers the seed Of madness Like a boomerang It returns home And somehow This sadness Has manifested its home In my mind Making me blind To all the things That made me smile Once upon a time -Rhea.t.V

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With a single touch He set aflame Her temple to ashes A single touch And she had fallen Against her will To serve as prey To his predator ways   -Rhea.t.V

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Puppet Master

The question lies In society And it’s position To dictate What is And what is not We find ourselves Conforming to it Like the holy bible It has come to be A seed they planted Ever so religiously Long before Our innocence Could fathom The stages of life Over time It flourished And blossomed To […]

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