Puppet Master

The question lies In society And it’s position To dictate What is And what is not We find ourselves Conforming to it Like the holy bible It has come to be A seed they planted Ever so religiously Long before Our innocence Could fathom The stages of life Over time It flourished And blossomed To […]

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A bullet was born And you met your end The price was paid My tears in vain I held you close In disbelief I had a choice To save you or me And there I was Breathing still With you long gone It was a dream Like no other For waking up Changes not The […]

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Love And Misfortune

The idea of love Was to be together Despite the odds A promise made To love eternally Beyond the hands Of ticking mortality But how can she love So authentically When he loves Only but The idea of her   -Rhea.t.V

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First came The immortals Of godly creation That ate the fruit Of worldly temptation Bestowing the mighty wrath Of eternal damnation Now they live To perish at last As mortals beings Of shame and treachery. -Rhea.t.V

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Polaroid Picture

A memory Once created Remains frozen In the capsule of time Nostalgia and melancholy Are what becomes of it When all that remains Is a polaroid picture Fading to precision Of our happy times We’ve now misplaced In the abyss Of our lives -Rhea. t. V

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